The life of a Grad



I’m 21, my roots are horrendous and my eyebrows are in desperate need of some TLC.

My life right now? Far from sorted.

I’ve just finished an internship with a magazine publishers and now I feel like I’m at a loose end.

After 4 weeks of six o’clock starts, two hour commutes and exhausted playlists – I realised the 9 -5.30 lifestyle isn’t for me. Not yet anyway. Dressing smart, wearing fancy shoes and grabbing a coffee on the the way, I sort of convinced myself that I had my life together. Ignoring the fact that I was doing this for free (Ok, £50 a week).

It was so different. Sitting amongst like-minded people, drinking copious amounts of tea and devouring packets of humbugs. I wasn’t used it. Everything was so chilled. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were part of my working routine – it was weird. I would spent hours reading travel blogs, writing about amazing places and planning adventurous trips. I loved it.

I was used to having arrogant customers shout at me for building queues and the lack of cashiers even though they could clearly see I was sorting it out. The amount of times I’ve been made to feel dumb just because I’m working in a supermarket, oblivious to the fact that I’m probably more educated than them.


The same conversation with the same people, day in day out, about what I’m going to do with my life. I always feel obliged to make up an answer and go with the first thing that comes into my head. Most of the time I say teaching because I think it sounds ambitious. The truth is I haven’t got a clue what I want to do. I’m too embarrassed to talk about travelling because it always sounds too cliché.

Ever since school, I’ve always had the next step planned out. I just went with the flow. I studied ridiculously hard for my A Levels and managed to get a place at my top choice University. Happy days.

I never planned any further than here – I suppose that’s not always a bad thing.

Eager to try new things, I’ve decided this is going to be the year of experience.

To kick start it off, I’ve just booked a 6 week course at the MAC in Birmingham. It’s an introduction into blogging and self-publishing websites.

I can’t wait.

The Mad Grad.












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