Y aye man, Little Comets were sick!

Location: Starbucks, Liverpool One.


Espresso coffees, broadcast newspapers and shiny shoes decorate Liverpool’s streets this morning, as people go about their daily commutes. You can tell it’s Monday.

Liverpool looks very different to the way it did last night. Last night, Liverpool’s O2 – a proper grungy, underground venue – was on fire.

Packed out with Fred Perry shirts, denim dungarees and shell-suits, it was like a scene out of This is England. Littered with students; lads wasted after about three pints, girls downing pints of cider and morons out of it on drugs – did they know they were at a Little Comets gig?

Hippo Campus, an indie-pop band from Minnesota, supported Little Comets and did a pretty good job, I must say. They did a cracking job at warming up the crowd and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Often described as ‘kitchen sink indie’, Little Comets don’t beat about the bush with their music – the lads say it how it is. Coupled with the feel-good, hip-swinging, indie disco sound, the trio are pro’s at creating an energy that connects the crowd and gets them singing their hearts out – even if the majority make up the words.

Similar to Alt-J, an indie-rock band from Leeds, their lyrics are well-thought out and practically impossible to remember – but that’s all part of it – you take from the song what you want.

Only a short set, the lads made the most of every minute and didn’t waste any time with pointless chit chat. Saying that, some conversation would’ve been nice.

little-comets.JPGThe gig followed a natural crescendo, starting with their slowest and mellow songs and ending with their absolute banger – Dancing song. I’ve never seen a crowd react so fast. The lights went up and the roof went off.

Almost pitch perfect, the lads voices carried well and bounced off every wall. I’ve been to my fair share of gigs – too many to count – but Little Comets definitely sounded the best live.

After waiting all night to hear Bayonne, by far the catchiest song I’ve ever heard, they didn’t play it. Absolutely wounded. I thought they were just being jammy buggers and saving it for the encore. Yeah, the encore never happened.

Apart from that, the boys did well!

The Mad Grad.


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