Sheffield – post student days.

Gone are the days of Corp’s paint-stripper purple pints, Plug’s cringe-worthy playlists and the down-right ugly nights at Embrace. The pencil-thin eyebrows, a shade-too-dark eye shadow (we weren’t lucky enough to be blessed with Naked palettes back then) and dire haircuts. Shoddy pairs of converse, leather skirts and over-sized white shirts. The fresher stage was far from elegant.

me and scouse freshers

As much as I cringe now, I’d relive my days as a student all over again and I wouldn’t change a thing. Not one thing. I’d embrace the mullet hair-d0, the dotted UV face paint and the near death experience lectures that followed a night at Corp.

I’d even attend the hilarious flat parties. The type which attracted all-sorts; tea leaves who would come just to rob your Tesco Value vodka, weirdo’s who would make a beeline for you and latch onto you the whole night and that one kid who would chew your ear off about something you couldn’t be less interested in.

halloweenThose were the days, but I suppose you can’t hold onto your student days forever.

As a Graduate, nights out in Sheffield aren’t the same, in fact they couldn’t be more different. On a typical night out, there doesn’t tend to be any projectile vomit or search parties sent out to find missing friends. Tend being the imperative word there. However, the greasy food that proceeds a heavy night of drinking, the drunk conversations with Sheffield’s taxi men and the shoeless walk from the taxi to the front door still stands. Some things will never change, well not yet anyway.

Corp’s deathly concoctions have been replaced with sophisticated cocktails, pairs of Converse have been swapped for heels and clubs have been traded in for quirky pubs. Eager to stay in touch with our youthful side, but staying clear of student-ridden clubs and annoying freshers, we’ve managed to sift out Sheffield trustiest sites which always manage to cure our post-student days blues.


  1. West Street Live (aka, WSL)

Whether it’s a cold, wet Monday night or a night on the weekend, WSL is almost always packed out to the rafters. You can always guarantee that Tina Turner’s Proud Mary or Nelly’s Ignition will be blasted through the speakers and you’ll be leaving with a sore throat for the morning. Just when you thought dirty pints were bad, WSL has its fair share of weird and wonderful mash-ups, which are often served by Sheffield’s own version of Noel Fielding. Chuck Norris or Schit bomb, they’ve got a name for them all. With your average drink costing literal pennies, there’s no surprise it’s our favourite go to – even if we’ve got a little bit more money now. That’s what I call budgeting skills.

2. Bierkeller

Bierkeller; the pub of all pubs. The Bavarian -themed cellar bar, which is furnished with antique wooden benches and tables, feels proper authentic. As the waitresses are kitted out in traditional Bavarian attire and the chalkboard drinks list is inscribed in German, it’s hard to imagine you’ve just walked off one of Sheffield’s busiest streets. In the words of Lionel Richie, you often find yourself practically dancing on the ceiling as you bust your moves on the saturated wooden benches – it’s kind of weird.

Although initially expensive, at around 9 quid a pop, the stein cocktails are actually a pretty good deal (but perhaps a little bit too easy to drink). Oh, just as a head’s up, after a night in the ‘keller your hand will kill the next day from holding such a heavy drink. A banging playlist coupled with spiffing steins, Bierkeller sure gives you a night to remember.

3. Wick at Both Ends
Sophisticated and extortionate cocktail prices – the Wick is the place to go when you’ve got a few quid. Often saved till after pay day, it’s the ideal spot for an overdue chin-wag and overindulgence – well, you’ve got to treat yourself one way or another. A proper chilled vibe and perfect lighting, you could sit there for hours on end and have no intention of moving. Free from irritating freshers and rowdy men, it’s a nice place to get your glad rags on and enjoy the company of friends you haven’t seen in a while.
Sheffield, it’s always a pleasure.
The Mad Grad.














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