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Nomadic Matt


A degree, a dead end job and trip which fed the insatiable desire to travel – we’ve got a lot in common.

Born and bred Boston lad, Matthew Kepnes had never set foot outside of the United States, up until his early twenties. Stuck in a rut and itching to explore, he planned a trip to Thailand- a trip that unbeknown to him would change his life forever. Proving that he has bigger balls than most of us, he uprooted his life in America, palmed off his cubicle job and became a homeless traveller. Ten years later, the nomad has covered over 80 countries, learned different languages and figured out the world’s best kept secret – you don’t have to be rich to travel.

Budget travel expert – who has literally been there and got the t-shirt- Nomadic Matt offers realistic tips to travel for longer and cheaper. You could say he’s the Martin Lewis of the travel world. From ‘How to’ guides to the best food places around the world, Nomadic Matt doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Guaranteed to wet your appetite and quench your travel thirst, Nomadic Matt’s blog gives you every reason to drop everything and explore.

You’d be mad not to take the nomad on your next adventure.




Two lads, a YouTube channel and a hell of a gap year – not your typical ‘gap yah’. There isn’t a pair of ethnic print pants, selfish selfies with sedated tigers or an elephant ride in sight. There’s all the culture without the commercial crap. Saying that, I’m not entirely sure you can call it a gap year considering it went well over the 12 month mark.

It’s mad to think that Jack’s spontaneous decision to document their gap year turned them into such an internet sensation – jammy buggers. Check this out, they make epic, seasonal playlists which they post on their blog too – no wonder they’ve taken the internet by storm.

Passionate about positive change,  Jack and Finn Harries work with organisations all over the globe to raise awareness and funds for charities close to their heart. Merging their lust for travel and yearning to make a difference, the lads use their blog and video channels to project the amazing work they do, the fascinating people they meet and the stunning places they visit – fair play!

From documenting the effects of Global Warming in Greenland to simply racing down India’s unpaved roads in Rickshaw’s, the duo have certainly scoured every corner of the globe and (unlike most travellers) have actually made a difference along the way.

Whether you’re interested in volunteering overseas and looking for some inspiration, or are just in need of a decent playlist, JacksGap is the blog for you!



The Expert Vagabond

mattkarstenOr, as I like to call him –  the bald blogger. Part-photographer-traveller-blogger, Matthew Karsten knows a thing or two about travelling. Living up to his name, the nomad leads a totally unsettled and carefree life – what a way to be.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, the travel blogger has been on the road for the past 5 years and has seen more than just the bright lights of New York. Eager to embark on adventures with a bit of a bite, the vagabond is the pro of taking on new and death-defying experiences. Only he would camp on an erupting volcano in Guatemala!

There’s no adventure too big or too small for the Expert Vagabond. Armed with a make-shift pair of sandals (literally a piece of string and rubber base) ,he hiked along Caminito Del Rey- Spain’s most dangerous, hairline path . What a fella!

Always up for a nail biting adventure, I read the Expert Vagabond’s blog for encouragement and plan to do something unheard of. This time? A zip wire down Mt. Snowdon – why the hell not.


The Mad Grad.








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