How to dress your way into a job.


Eat, sleep, job hunt – repeat. That’s life post-grad. So, if you’re lucky enough to bag yourself an interview – fix up and look sharp. You can bet your bottom dollar your choice of shoe will say much more than 12 GCSE’s (… what are they again?)

Here’s a few tips to get you on your way:

Keep it Conservative.


Scrap your CV, Linkedin and over-compensated cover letter – it’s all about first impressions. It’s like X Factor (the difference is you only get one shot). Keep it conservative, classy and clean (Of Course). Remember, you’re applying for a job not a position on Take Me Out. You may be £27,000 in debt, have a non-existent social life and be living at home, but the last thing you want is to look desperate – keep it subtle. A simple, flattering shirt coupled with a tailored pair of trousers can work wonders. You’ve got one chance to make your mark – so use your accessories to make a statement.


Put some spring in your step


Tried and tested; vibrant colours, patterned pants and petite peep toes are the passport to a second interview. Dress like you don’t want to be forgotten and left on the shelf. For Pete’s sake – get creative, be original and inject a bit of life into your outfit. After all,  you’ve probably got under half an hour to sell yourself (no, not in that way). So, let your outfit do the intro. Black, ill-fitted, nylon trousers are so ten years ago. Unconventional, extremely comfortable and only-to-be-worn-with-white-knickers, these patterned pants are definitely the way forward. Chuck in a bold top and you’ll be onto a winner (S’alright, just thank us later).



IMG_2121A girl’s best friend – Little Black Dress. Like a Maccies after a night out – it never disappoints. It’s an item which completes every woman’s wardrobe. Believe me. Simple, sophisticated and stylish, the LBD is the interview outfit. I bet you never thought you could look so professional. Karen Brady, watch your back girl. Perfectly complimented with a pair of mid-heel court shoes and a classy watch, you’ll be more than ready to get down to business. So, get in there and show them who is boss!

Happy hunting.

The Mad Grad




You’ve got the Job!


Reverse back a few weeks – to the point where I was having a mid-life crisis. I’d been rejected from a job I thought fit the bill for me. Now I realise how very wrong I was. Yesterday, I attended an interview at the Solihull Observer for the role of a News reporter/editor. Call me stubborn, persistent or maybe even lucky – but I got offered it within half an hour of the interview.

Alright, it’s only a local paper and the salary isn’t the best – but it’s a start. I’ve got one foot on the ladder and I’m going to climb. It’s the start of an adventure. They’ve even offered to support me through my NCTJ exams to become an accredited journalist. Who’d have thought it?

Of Course, I’m petrified to leave Waitrose – a job I’ve been settled in for 5 years – and it’ll be strange leaving everything behind. But, I know it’s something I needed to do (and soon). It’s a family. I’ve grown so much in the 5 years of working there (and I’m not just talking about height). Yet, I’m sure they’re all grateful that they’ll never have to hear my awful jokes and face my dry humour again. Joking aside, I think I’m more devastated about the fact I’m losing my discount card – no more treats for me.

I’m excited for the future and determined to make something of myself. As I proved to myself, anything is possible. I can’t finish up without making a reference to my guide-to-life-film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Rebecca Bloomwood (who is just as ditzy as me) worked her way up from Successful Savings to Alette magazine. So, who know’s.

Watch this space.

The Mad Grad.