A slice of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – what an undiscovered gem. Beautiful white sandy beaches, delicious seafood and the friendliest of people.

First up, we visited Colombo – a place I will not be rushing back to any time soon. From its shady streets, to dodgy tuk tuk drivers and a night of robberies in the hostel – Colombo definitely threw everything into the mix. But despite all the mishaps, we met a proper good bunch of people.


A few days later, we took – and luckily managed to cop a window seat on – the world-famous 7 hour train ride from Kandy to Ella to catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka’s surreal countryside. It was only then that we realised we were going to be in for a real treat. It was only then we realised Sri Lanka was going to be one of our fave places. No train journey will ever match it – ever.


Ella was without a shadow of a doubt the most stunning place in Sri Lanka. We stayed with the loveliest family – who insisted on providing us feasts for breakfast – up in the mountains overlooking Ella Rock. Honestly, it was a proper ‘pinch me moment’ every morning waking up to such incredible views without a soul knocking around the place.

Here was where had our first taste of real Sri Lankan food – and bloody hell it didn’t disappoint. We found a tiny place called Matey Hut – a literal hut shoved on the side of the road – which had THE tastiest mango and pineapple curry (and hands down the best poppadoms known to man).


From here, we headed down to the south coast to have a nose at Sri Lanka’s untouched beaches. Our first, and longest stop, was at Mirissa. Mirissa Beach
soon became a place we made home and gave us a chance to be cabbages for a week (… I mean re-energise). It’s cheap bottles of Lion, flavoursome seafood and crazy waves were enough to win us over.

No-one can talk about Mirissa without mentioning THE roti shop – fact. Let’s put it this way, we paid the place a visit near enough twice a day for the whole week it was that good. It was like Starbucks for a coffee addict – the woman knew our order off by heart. The avocado, tomato and cheese one and the banoffee rotis were unreal. What I’d do to have another one right now…



Then there’s Unawatuna – a place which definitely lives up to its name. From its completely unspoilt beaches to its quirky beachside cafes – it was hard not to fall in love with this place. And of course, a fitting place to sink my teeth into some tasty tuna too! God damn, it was good.


It was also the place where I discovered my newfound love for turtles. We stopped off at Koggala Sea Turtle Rescue Centre where we met a bunch of injured turtles and also managed to grab a hold of 1 month old ones as well.


So, in a nutshell Sri Lanka was a cracking place and somewhere I’d most certainly return to sometime in the future.





One thought on “A slice of Sri Lanka

  1. Pat says:

    Delighted that you’re enjoying your travels. Looks spectacular. Is this part of a tour or have you been doing extensive research on places you want to visit? Keep the photos coming. It’s great to see what you’re up to. Be safe. X

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