Laos – The place no-one can pronounce


After a very very very long and slow boat from Thailand (3 days, in fact), we finally reached Laos.

Imagine a tiny, little French town slap bang in the middle of Asia – that’s Luang Prabang. Flavoursome food, quaint buildings and the best night markets to date. I think we can safely say Luang Prabang stole a little bit of our hearts.


It’s near enough impossible to talk about Luang Prabang without giving our favourite (watering hole), Bouang, a special mention. After two months living off Asia food, some western food was well needed. And this spot did the job. The cinnamon pork stew was to die for. It literally melted in your mouth and the mash was next level – even by my standards. Mmm, it’s still making me dribble thinking about it. Again, we did this place to death.

As for the drink? The nightlife in Luang PrAbang is weird one that’s for sure. Imagine a bowling alley. Imagine an archery pitch. Now, imagine a bunch of backpackers trying to get a bullseye and strike half cut. That’s Asia for you


You can’t visit anywhere in Asia without sniffing out the nearest waterfall. Well, that’s what we seem to do anyway. But, Kuang Si Waterfall blew every other one we’ve visited out of the water (pardon the pun, lol). We ignored the ‘No Entry’ sign, scrambled under barbed wire, over fallen trees and braved it through the slippery slush beneath our feet to the secret waterfall. It was certainly worth the cuts and a few-too-many near death experiences – sorry mom!

After Luang Prabang, we took the uncomfortable journey down south to Vang Vieng. First impressions? Bit of a dump. Bit like Benidorm. The streets were plastered with tacky tourist bars and stalls selling nothing but waterproof bags. Eager to see the Vang Vieng we’d read so much about, we hired a scooter and took to the very, very pot holed streets. The views beyond the booze-ridden streets were well worth the sore bums we felt in the morning.


Of course, we couldn’t visit Vang Vieng without doing a spot of tubing (…and a bit of drinking). A bar crawl. On a tube. In a river. What could possibly go wrong? Despite a few cuts and being taken out by the current one too many times, it was such a funny experience.

Overall, Laos was a beautiful place and somewhere I’d highly recommend.